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Nov 13, 2012 Posted in Archie by admin

Archie Comics Checks

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Straight from the paper’s comic section it’s Archie Comics Checks!  Archie Comics Checks 

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archie checks Archie Comics Checks












This Cartoon Check features the typical day in the life of comic character Archie during his highschool days at Riverdale High. His profile picture is found in the top left corner of the check with the word YIPE printed above.  Poor Archie!  Something always happens!


This check is found in a rotating checkbook with 3 other check scenes, that also include Archie’s fun pals Vanessa and Betty. Every check sports the red, bold Archie logo, located at the top of the check, just above the date section. The left top corner of each check features a profile picture of either Archie, Vanessa or Betty. There is a colorful comic strip scene in the background of each check design


Price starts at $20.99 a box.




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