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Jan 16, 2012 Posted in Dilbert by admin

Dilbert Checks for $5 a Box!

share save 120 16 Dilbert Checks for $5 a Box!

Dilbert Checks are $5 for a limited time only!


Dilbert Checks Dilbert Checks for $5 a Box!

Dilbert Checks

This Custom Cartoon Check shows the techno-geeky comic strip character Dilbert in the office with his signature tie, pocket protecter and glasses.  The top right side of the check has the DILBERT logo printed in capital font in red and white colors.  The right bottom of the check displays a Dilbert quote that says ” I spring into action like a cheetah on a trampoline.”  Check background color is a bright white with a gray sonic circle pattern design.
Other checks included with this Dilbert Check provide scenes with other Dilbert office pals, such as Wally, The Boss and Dogbert.  Every character has his very own special quote at the bottom right side of every check and the Dilbert logo on top.
Each box of checks includes 5 pads of checks, 20 deposit tickets and 1 transaction register.  Choose from a variety of 5 different fonts, 2 monogram styles and 600 stock logos!
Get Dilbert Checks for only $5 a box by entering coupon code BESTOFFER here.  Standard shipping is FREE.  



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