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Aug 8, 2015 Posted in Star Trek by admin

Star Trek Checks

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Star Trek Checks are….Out of this World!


order star trek checks Star Trek Checks




star trek checks Star Trek Checks




This Star Trek Check includes characters Spock, Captain Kirk and Uhura from the original science fiction series Star Trek.  The phrase “Kirk to Enterprise” is found at the center of the check and the words Star Trek are printed in red, bold font on the bottom right hand corner.



This is part of a limited edition, comic book themed  Trekkie Checkbook that also features Scotty and Sulu in three other action-packed checkbook scenes. Some of the classic sayings displayed on these bank checks are ”Very well… you are the captain,” ”Beam Me Up Scotty™” and “Fascinating!”  Of course, you will also notice Star Trek gadgets like Phasers, Tricorders, Tablet Computers and Communicators scattered throughout.


These Bank Checks feature security check printing and are Bank Approved!  Extra security features, such as fraud protection and protected check delivery, are also available.



Price starts at $19.95 per box.

Get the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Deal: Use OFFER CODE 15237XFH here. 





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